Palm Beach

Inspired by a trip to this iconic and timeless place. Petra woman likes to travel, she is a citizen of the world who enjoys discovering unknown places. A collection where wide silhouettes mix together with eyelet and lace.

The perfect white shirt

We have the white shirts you’ve been looking for. Inspired by a life journey where the woman Petra is reunited with herself, she is inspired and returns to the simplicity of life, leaving aside the cares and superficial burdens. A collection created for the empowered, romantic and feminine woman where details and minimalism predominate.

Tropical Wonderland

A very feminine and romantic collection, inspired by the nature and the good vibes.


In a world where everything seems disposable and everything changes with great speed, we decided to endure over time, with a collection of garments full of delicate details that breathe eternity and are worth inheriting. Petra is a woman with a sense of adventure. A woman who does not follow fashions prefers to create them. … Read more