PETRA is nothing more than a life story … A story of all the women who help us to continue writing it, a story without end and meaningfull…

“My grandmother PETRA was the best seamstress in her small town, La Paz (Cesar), but as the years passed, she lost his sight due to a silent disease called glaucoma, which left her totally blind. Despite this, she kept seeing with her love eyes, her love for sewing crossed borders and she never lost it, but as she could not see, her way of following her passion was feeling the texture of the garments through the touch, she touched them gently until she discovered their composition, likewise, her way to see if her granddaughters were well dressed was touching our dresses. She never lost momentum, and until the last day of her life she knitted. “

Today, PETRA teaches us to feel the garment in a different way, where like its legacy becomes special and timeless. 

Our brand is inspired by all those empowered and courageous women who seek to transcend without limits through time, just like my grandmother Petra did Purity, simplicity and timelessness are the foundations of PETRA. 

White garments, they are our passion, we live in a time of changing trends, where we want simpler options. We believe in simplicity and purity.

we believe in making life simpler because life is too much short to worry about complicated looks.


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